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    • jdunn1019

      ADDS FILES!!   05/28/2017

      soo in the nav bar +CREATE THEN FILE DOWNLOAD AND PICK A category and add the file and a pictues and then info and hit save/submit and i will have to approve it
    • jdunn1019

      Donate   06/25/2017

      We Didn't  hit the goal or half goal 5 or 10 dollars will help the server is due on the 27th,  i need some donate to pay for the server little help is nice or there wont be NO Website !  i pay 150 dollars  Thanks 

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  1. Yesterday
  2. FS17_Case Magnum

    The Ripper is Rafazr's Case Ecolo Tiger 870 from FS15. I just converted it to FS17. Yeah, I think I will redo the ingame Case tractors. Already loaded the Optum into blender and started to separating parts Which old magnums do you mean?
  3. cotton on GWF V2SE

    Not yet! i wish i knew
  4. cotton on GWF V2SE

    Does anyone know of a auto-load trailer or truck that will work with those bales?
  5. cotton on GWF V2SE

    Great western farms v2se by chris kimball gaming a member of american style modding group
  6. cotton on GWF V2SE

    the name of the map please
  7. Fs17_JD9630T_BETA

    Perfect Tractor! I did some little upgrades in europe style and I edit size because he was too small between other tractors.
  8. FS17_Case Magnum

    If you don't mind me asking where can i get that ripper its pulling in the first picture ?
  9. FS17_Case Magnum

    Amazing work my friend! Keep it up! Case Optum next?
  10. FS17_Case Magnum

    hey in those screenshots is there a link to that ripper mod?
  11. cotton on GWF V2SE

    thats what i use jdunn
  12. FS17_Case Magnum

    Will you do any of the old magnums
  13. Where do you buy cows at on the clover Creek map, I can’t seem to find it. And how do you make the 1590 grain drill accept liquid fertilizer for the tank mod?

    1. jdunn1019


      well u need to comment below the maps and someone chat back i am not sure where they are because i hadnty play that map and i am not sure if its accpet liquid or not


  14. FS17_JohnDeere_1590 Tanks and Big Tank

    How do you make the planter accept liquid fertilizer?
  15. Last week
  16. FS17_Case Magnum

    Version 1.0.0


    Hey guys, since I already uploaded the Case Steiger/Quadtrac, I thought there's some smaller CaseIH models needed. So here it is: the edited ingame CaseIH Magnum. It hast customizable wheels, exterior, engine. You can use it in European oder US Style. Credits: Model: Giants Wheels: Timber1311 (FS15 Conversion) & TechMod a.s. Have fun and enjoy
  17. FS17_Fox Cities

    Is there a reason why placeables won't work on the map?
  18. FS17_CaseIH Steiger

    Thank so much for doing the American style Quadtrack . Very nice work and is my favorite tractor in the game)))
  19. FS17_Fox Cities

    Hmm need magnifying glass it seems to view screen shots
  20. FS17_Fox Cities

    Screenshots too small. Can't see any of them.
  21. FS17_Fox Cities

    Version 1.0.0


    This map is based off the area near appleton Wi unzip the folder and place mods and map in your folder. map support through the website highway 10 and 76 All animals in the map. cows and pigs have a mixing station next to them for feed chickens roam around the main farm area and drop eggs sheep are next to the water area. Water can be obtaoned around the farm for free where pounds are available Factories are through out the map to produce pallets wood chips sugar from sugarcane, beer production is also in the map cause well this is a beer state. all sell Points are marked. you start off with a few vehicles. there is highway traffic that travels faster then the average traffic it has multifruit oats rye triticale millet lettuce hemp pees There are a few forest areas in the map and a sawmill on the main highway. animal sell point is also on the main highway. ClipDistance triggers have been installed to get rid of unwanted lag spikes Credits: regularguy for map of Fox Cities all other modders who's buildings i used
  22. KP 525 3pt

    in the xml code of the tractor there a upper and lower to the ground Number Play around with that 2 number and u will fixed it
  23. Kenworth T880

    Just wondering if anyone else gets lag when looking at it from far draw distances?
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