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  1. FS19_West Texas

    Welcome to the panhandle of Texas. Been a bit since i been on here. been hard at work correcting bugs and mistakes on my part that I forgot about. Well not really bugs but stuff that wasn't really intended. Like the silage texture coming out of tippers as cotton haha some minor stuff. This update really isn't all that minor though i got a few more nice features added to the map with a bit more details that I will run down and sort out.
    Fixed Issues:
    Silage texture coming out as cotton in tippers/buckets
    Precision Farming's: soil map is now set in the correct gdm file size  within the maps folder. 
    Texture glitches . I'm sure that's why there would be weird texture glitches at some points in the map. Testing I haven't noticed anymore issues and am considering it fixed. In general you should see a performance increase 
    Landscaping/Paintable grass. Will now only be put down if its a grass texture 
    compatibility with other mods. I lowered the mass of all fill types to there default values other than the ones that is obvious.  Like potato's and sugar beets wouldn't have less mass per liter as corn wheat and so on. 
    Custom animal pens/pastures (excluding dairy). All pens have increased in capacity with animals as well all manure heaps has been moved outside of the pastures (animal pens). Visible animals that disappear in the ground as far as i can tell. That has been fixed.
    Fertilizer/lime textures is now both set right for both products.
    Ethanol Plant. is fixed to where it will produce to about what is given. 
    Meat Factory: Now has 2 individual loading docks. 1 for pigs 1 for the cows. This is to keep from exploiting the economy from pigs in general. "note" This factory is built for seasons and is not intended for base game use. Earnings will be cut if you try and use it without seasons.
    Improvements: New textures for corn, soybeans, sunflowers, and bushes. Sunflowers in general have completely new textures. Improved ground textures. "Note" the bushes textures are only noticeable with seasons. They will change with the the seasons.
    season snow contracts are available
    All gas prices has been lowered to the non taxable diesel price. Its gonna be cheap as compared to what it was. There is a reason why i had it like that but I'm not gonna give there story behind it here.
    Lime station cost lowered to the base game value
    Property Taxes. Each individual field/land has a daily cost to them
    All items/buildings have the correct daily cost given to them as to the default specs of farm houses, deco's, misc silos etc. Unless by means its a ranch house or any of the fancier buildings. "note" there is custom grain bins in the map but they follow the same 200,000 by 60 a day charge. A lot of them bins hold way way more than 200,000. Keep that in mind. This is considered with all animal pens as well. This is just to give a more realistic feel about things. We all know we don't go through life paying nothing in life outside the lines of vehicle cost. 
    Older field pivots. The older pivot systems I'm gonna abandon and has been removed from the map. They was taking way to long to implement and there just way to buggy for me to mess with. The fields with these pivots are in forms of squares by popular demand well not entirely square.

    Final thoughts and recommendations: I highly recommend playing with seasons in the map.  The map is built for it.  Use the animals don't go into the map just thinking arable farming. The map is built for them to go together. There's not a lot of money to be gained from just arable farming. If trying to do just arable farming you need to get into crops such as cotton, soybeans, potato, sugar beets. Not to let off on secrets or anything but sugar beet is the way to go. In general  I intend the map to be a strategic. Feedback from people is greatly appreciated and I'm aware of how green the map looks compared to real life of the panhandle of Texas.  grass is my main project right now but its gonna be awhile till I'm even able to get it implemented in the map. Best way I can say is if I made the grass look really short dense and dry then it looks completely off once cut. There has to be a balance and i will work on such things going forward. Thinks that about all in terms as to what has changed or what i can think of. There's just a lot going on in the map  hard to keep up with. In all I hope everyone enjoys!
    "Note"  to server owners. I raised the script (animalLimitIncreaser.lua) to hold more animals to 65. I don't recommend by means of using that total amount. Its there to give people options. I recommend using what's in the map already. In terms of things i gave out 5 to each individual farms.
    Updating: This map is not compatible with any old save game. If updating it requires a new save game
    Models/scripts credits: Models and the scripts  in the map is not mine such as the ethanol plant nor the meat factory. I will give out the proper credits to them folk's down below as to assets i used from that particular map or script. Keep in mind I don't know if its that persons model or not. If I missed somebody it wasn't done by bad intentions.
    Danjelmc, ccs101, Farmer Andy,  Daze Farms, Taylor Farms, KS Mapping, DrtyDiesel Modding, GtX | Andy, modelleicher, Ifko[nator, reallogger, Farmer_Schubi, Daniel (Desperados93) W. / GIANTS Software GmbH, by igor29381, Sven777b Mappers Paradise/The Subbie





  2. FS19_PMC_North_Dakota_Greendale_4km

    PMC North Dakota Greendale 4km
    Terrain size: 4096 meters x 4096 meters, ie 4 kilometers x 4 kilometers (ravenport is 2km). Terrain type: American, real world data.
    It was february 2019 when we started to learn how to do FS19 real world data terrains and many things were discovered during editing this terrain. This will always be a fond memory and hopefully we get to play a lot in this one over the years. In 2020-09-04 finished savegame (buy all land and harvest all fields) in PMC North Dakota Greendale 4km
    Its strange how small this 4km x 4km terrain feels like when its laid out on top of real world location, this only fits one single farm and thats it. Not sure how enjoyable multiplayer can be achieved here as players would have to create make-belief farms somewhere, maybe even on fields because the real estate is on short supply with everything being fields.
    PMC North Dakota Greendale 4km is our only small real world data terrain, all the rest are 8.1km or 16.3km size.
    PMC North Dakota Greendale 4km terrain is work in progress (WIP), it is not finished yet. PMC is continuing to develop it, edit it along with our other terrains.
    PMC North Dakota Greendale 4km terrain has basic buildings, utility poles and trees placed. Basic object placement is complete, more tweaks follow after game-play testing has produced results.
    If you do not want to play on WIP terrain please do not download this, there are plenty of other terrains available.
    Plenty of youtube PMC North Dakota Greendale 4km development videos available.
    Required Mods
    CBJ Midwest Buildings Pack is used for various farm yards for that authentic American farming look.
    Downloads: FS19_PlaceableCBJbuildings.zip

    Terrain config has no checks if required mods are present, if you do not start FS19 with these mods active you will not see some buildings, with additional errors in the log. PMC terrains are error free, as long as player uses required mods.
    Check for latest updates and more info https://www.farming-simulator.org/19/pmc-north-dakota-greendale-4km.php




  3. FS19_PMC Texas Rowena 8km

    PMC Texas Rowena 8km terrain terrain is work in progress (WIP), it is not finished yet. PMC is continuing to develop it, edit it along with our other terrains.
    PMC Texas Rowena 8km terrain has basic buildings, utility poles and trees placed. Basic object placement is complete, more tweaks follow after game-play testing has produced results. See the above game-play 2020 screenshots for details.
    If you do not want to play on WIP terrain please do not download this, there are plenty of other terrains available.
    August 2020 I finished first ever savegame in FS19 which was in this terrains New Farmer game-mode. I played total of 566 hours in it, got valuable game-play feedback and did several bug fixes, tweaks etc edits. This terrain has been extensively tested (come on 566hrs, just in this one savegame alone) and proven to be very enjoyable American real world data terrain
    Check for latest updates and more info  https://www.farming-simulator.org/19/pmc-texas-rowena-8km.php




  4. Idaho fs19

    Well the map is finally finished to where i think its time to be released los of changes and things added and fixed. this map was originally from fs15 converted over by byself(Regularguy) I have tried to keep the pda from the original but some things have changed and moved around. Animals are around the map. Traffic is heavier in town then in the country. There is a variety of sell points throughout the map with certain sell points taking certain crops. The few competitors except all fruits to compete for your sales. map runs at a smooth fps 60+. All credits go to the modders of this community that i have taken objects out from maps, Medicine creak,Alberta, Sandy bay and the original Idaho map. Any errors let me know and i will update the map when needed.. if you like my work you can donate to the my paypal, If not enjoy the map as i have enjoyed making the map. Thanks for the community and all the modders out there for creating and sticking around as many modders have left or gone private. Map is in the mod folder called mods needed. unzip and enjoy.. Early easter gift.. Enjoy
    Paypal: https://paypal.me/regularguy514?locale.x=en_US





    You have to unzip the file!!!  you don't need the other mods but your starting farm will look bare and skimppy.... I built this for me but I want to share it with you.... map is based off a real working dairy farm.. layed out the same... Yes map is flat... I could not get the terrain to work right so I just did this I enjoy it. I hope you will to... 




  6. FS19_California Central Valley

    Hello FS Community
    Official release.
    Please read through before downloading.
    Because the V1 was leaked for download, I decided to publish the V2.
    V2 is not the final version!
    Change log V2.:
    The performance has been improved
    The file size has been optimized
    Some bugs and warnings have been fixed
    Attention: To play the map you need a powerful PC. Otherwise, the graphics setting must be screwed back.
    On my system, the map runs between 50 to 60 fps.
    Plans for the V3:
    Further optimization of the file size
    Individual detail improvements (flying objects removeing)
    And integrate suggestions from the community
    Map function:
    Huge map with many fields
    High level of detail
    Fictional szenario of California
    Milk, manure and slurry Loading stations
    Cheat Point
    Free space for landscaping yourr own farm
    Courseplay and helper friendly because many collisions are disabled
    RPG options
    The map cost me many hours of work, which I voluntarily sacrificed in my free time.
    Have fun playing.




  7. Columbia County FS19

    This is Columbia County, Wisconsin V1.
    This is the Dairyland State, so it has 2 fixed cow barns. It has the basic sell points, bales, wood, grain, and milk. Multi terrain angle. I have plenty of farms for you to use and for you to get creative with your own farming style. This map is ready for season for FS19. Please enjoy.
    Dairyland Maps on Facebook.




  8. FS19_MEGA_maps

    Mega Dairy V2 with Freestall Barn and Grain Set-up





  9. FS19_RIchland County

    This is Richland County.  Located near South West Wisconsin.
    This location has high hills and low valleys.  This a good map for smaller farming operations, but still can use larger equipment.  It has up to maybe 9 farm possibility, to which gives the options to do what you like.  This is my first map i have ever made.
    Check out Dairyland Maps on facebook for more future maps.


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  10. FS19_Rolling_Hills

    Based on the midwest, the map features a nice mixture of rolling terrain with a small creek running thru the middle.

    it’s a 1x map but feels much larger. It’s a very simple map and there aren’t any incredible features. You have one sell point for grain, and another for bales and cotton. There are a few farms to pick from but you will start at one. There is no starting equipment, however you start with 100K.

    You can sell grain at the Rolling Hills COOP and Bales and cotton are sold and Wilson Feed and Seed, where you also buy equipment. 
    I will be updating this map and continuing to develop it as I learn the new techniques in FS19.





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