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FS22_PMC_King_Corn_45km 1.0.0

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About This File

Largest Terrain In The History Of Farming Simulator Games

This is not so called regular normal terrain with lots of details, the whole scope was to test "can this be done?", answer is yes, you can now download this massive size terrain.

Crop/fruit accuracy is very low, for example combine header cuts much more than its wide (difficult to explain), this is due density images pixel resolution being so low compared to the actual terrain size (16384 versus 45056). Most people do not like that and its fine, this terrain was never meant to be "mainstream map", but some players surely appreciate the insane size.

This is not an empty flat map, oh no. Heightmap is very low elevation but still rolling hills type, there are 18 farm yards with placeable buildings which you can sell. Oh and new farmer game-mode has its own farm yard buildings as well.

Land to buy is quite detailed for each farm yard so they are cheap within the scope of this massive terrain, goal was to have at least some sort of possibility to new farmer type game-play.

Also very detailed dev diary with screenshots is available which some terrain editing enthusiasts might find interesting.

PMC King Corn 45km homepage



Required Mods

TrailerParkFarms (TPF) 72x150 and 90x200 vehicle shed packs are used for various farm yards for that authentic American farming look.

Downloads: FS22_72x150ShedPack.zip 4mb fs22-72x150-shed-pack and FS22_90x200ShedPack.zip 5mb fs22-90x200-shed-pack.

Terrain config has no checks if these required mods are present, if you do not start FS22 with these mods active you will not see some building objects, with additional errors in the log.

PMC terrains are error free, as long as player uses required mods.


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