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Counting down until FS22 Coming out!!!! 


The countdown has finished!



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Well guys i just let u know we release a few mods and we start up a combine crew and we have a full server .... we are Live streaming it and having fun playing farming sim 2015


we have a few project we are working like American Farms 4.0
Features like auto feeder... fix the lag main farm
Add Apple for horse
and add young animals Fix Cotton textures


John deere tractor ​​


Let everyone know we are short 30$ for keeping the website but the site will go on and run ... the site run 180 dollors now because we are running all must 90% of 8GB of ram if we didn't have 400 visit a day then we wouldnt have a problem but thanks for all the donated support and twitch stream keep this site running ,,,, of course I want thanks nelson and matt for modding and more

thanks again guys for a great website !!

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    1. 1. Should i Finish the map in FS19 or Move over to Fs22 right away...

      • Yes move it to FS22
      • No Finish FS19 Version
      • Finish FS19 Version then Convert it over to FS22

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