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  1. regularguy

    FS17_Fox Cities

    Version 1.0.0


    This map is based off the area near appleton Wi unzip the folder and place mods and map in your folder. map support through the website highway 10 and 76 All animals in the map. cows and pigs have a mixing station next to them for feed chickens roam around the main farm area and drop eggs sheep are next to the water area. Water can be obtaoned around the farm for free where pounds are available Factories are through out the map to produce pallets wood chips sugar from sugarcane, beer production is also in the map cause well this is a beer state. all sell Points are marked. you start off with a few vehicles. there is highway traffic that travels faster then the average traffic it has multifruit oats rye triticale millet lettuce hemp pees There are a few forest areas in the map and a sawmill on the main highway. animal sell point is also on the main highway. ClipDistance triggers have been installed to get rid of unwanted lag spikes Credits: regularguy for map of Fox Cities all other modders who's buildings i used
  2. regularguy

    FS17_Pivot Irrigation System BETA

    this will help with setting it up follow the video and remove the for real tire dirt mod its not compatible with it
  3. it takes solid fertilizer and not liquid. the riggers are touchy for some reason
  4. regularguy

    FS17_Pivot Irrigation System BETA

    The wheel veraion i am trying to convert over at the moment
  5. regularguy

    FS17_Pivot Irrigation System BETA

    When it sits at the loading screen what error are you getting in your load that it wont load?
  6. regularguy

    FS17_Pivot Irrigation System BETA

    Yes i have added flex to the joints but might need some tweaking to it. I will test on umrv map and adjust it accordingly
  7. Version 1.0.0


    With the pivot irrigation you can now fertilize your fields with the pivot irrigation system. its a easy process to setup there is a video from fs15 that i will include but its the same concept to install it you buy the box place it with a front loader save game go to save game file vehicles xml search for caisse_ then delete it and then save. it will convert it to the pivot system here is the video link please watch the video before asking how to install there is also a read me file in there
  8. Version 1.0.0


    This is the mobile traffic light from fs15 converted to fs17. i take no credit for the mod just converted it over. stops traffic and then traffic goes on green. Please note you must turn it on with the number 0 not the 0 on the numpad or it wont work. you can get out and walk up to it and it will give you the option to turn it on then give you the traffic options use the numbers on the top of the keyboard below the f keys to operate.
  9. Greenhouse takes solid fertilzer and not the liquid at the moment
  10. I will add cotton this weekend and upload it. The pda has been corrected also
  11. The pda is fixed now will upload new version tomorrow
  12. Version 3_2_Final Multifruit


    Today i present the MidWestUSA. Any errors reported will be fixed in the final version. Here you have all the animals big fields and open areas to add your own personal buildings etc. There are enough sell points around the map.Milk can be collected from the cows and sold by the Decalb Sell point. Seed and fertilizer can be refilled on varieties on the map as well. Final version will be the only one for the two states of what they grow. There are a few forestry areas and 2 sellpoints for them. Has traffic and pedestrians as well as fish in the ponds ducks and birds flying above this is compatiable with the seasons mod. All feeding areas and straw grass silage tmr are all marked as well as the animal dialogues. Fields range from small to big and some are flat and some are hilly on parts. There is a little bit of everything. There is a beer production
  13. regularguy

    FS_17 OklahomaRevised

    Its because the vehicle repair mod is intergraded in the map. I will remove from the map in the next update
  14. regularguy

    FS_17 OklahomaRevised

    @F350guy what does your log say when the mao is in the mod folder?

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