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    • jdunn1019

      ADDS FILES!!   05/28/2017

      soo in the nav bar +CREATE THEN FILE DOWNLOAD AND PICK A category and add the file and a pictues and then info and hit save/submit and i will have to approve it
    • jdunn1019

      Donate   06/25/2017

      We Didn't  hit the goal or half goal 5 or 10 dollars will help the server is due on the 27th,  i need some donate to pay for the server little help is nice or there wont be NO Website !  i pay 150 dollars  Thanks 


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  1. TPM Harvesting

  2. FS17_John Deere 7180

    you need to make sure your using the headers that came with this file they are the only ones that work if you have the other JD 8000 series Harvesters in your mods folder you will be able to purchase those in the store and they will do what you are describing so you need to find out which is which....... its a pain I know SORRY.......
  3. FS17_John Deere 7180



    Here's the good old 7180 (New 7980) Forage Harvester (chopper) So I got the newer Heads to work with it, they are in the file (I think) Added Starfire Wider Tires Rear Weights And Cummins straight pipe sound file that works great with gearbox mod when you can crank up the RPM's...... Enjoy.......
  4. Case Magnum 7250 US....

    There just black cause this Magnum is based off of one I used to own but I might do an update with selectables......
  5. Case Magnum 7250 US....

    Version 2.0


    ....Things done ... US Style Thnx and enjoy
  6. Finally

  7. Progress.....

    Had some free time today to get some more work done on the O'le Peter Wagon its coming along......

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