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  1. farm_boy_98

    FS17_Unverferth strip-till

    thanks, really love being able to do liquid fertilizer with it
  2. farm_boy_98

    FS17_Unverferth strip-till

    where can I get the pull type carts? the ones I found are too wide
  3. farm_boy_98

    KP 525 3pt

    Hey, so I'm using the Steiger KP525 mod, and the 3pt does not lower enough for the Unverferth 332 ripper stripper to engage with the soil. does anyone know how to adjust the 3pt to lower more?
  4. farm_boy_98

    Case Magnum 7250 US....

    are the rims black or are they selectable?
  5. farm_boy_98

    my old farm

    what map is this? it sure looks nice!

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