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  1. scott14

    fS17_John Deere 7760

    Lincoln creek is Nebraska, climate is to cold for that
  2. Version 1.5


    This is a John Deere 9610 that I edited. This was found on Facebook. I fixed the upside down camera, deleted the hopper extension because it was going through the hopper and there was a hole that would drop grain in real life. Realism lol. It is also fully multiplayer compatible. Thx, Scott
  3. scott14

    FS17_John Deere H480

    Yes it will along with the new 7800. Me and my friend run this loader on the 7800 on fs17.
  4. Version 1.0.0


    This mod is for a John Deere 7 series and up, I got this from the john deere pack.
  5. scott14

    Case Magnum 7250 US....

    can you fix the grey rim on the back right
  6. scott14

    FS17_Pivot Irrigation System BETA

    the thing doesn't move
  7. scott14

    FS17_autumn oaks

    This mod map lags
  8. scott14

    FS17_Lincoln creek season ready

    Could you add traffic?
  9. scott14

    FS17_ Clover Creek

    does this map have traffic?
  10. scott14

    FS17_PA. Farming Beta V.1

    Is there traffic?
  11. scott14


    There is a problem where the textures flash. It is mostly near the edges of the fields. Please fix!

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