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Welcome To Fsasmc Website Please Visit the Forum and The Download section If you want to Upload mods Go to the CREATE + tab  if you have any question PM ME Thanks 


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    Australia, Queensland!
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    Any thing Farming, motor bikes, art, and of coarse, Farming Simulator.

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  1. Farmerjumzz

    LONE OAK (2).PNG

    where did you get that 8rt from, is that jhhg's mod??
  2. Farmerjumzz


    got some great pics in this folder, from my home!!!!
  3. Pics from across the ditch, in the land of the long white cloud!
  4. the versatile is a re-skin of the public version, and i added a few things and put it on 3m spacings!
  5. not really, i just tweaked the photo, but suppose yes, it has been quite good latly, love it!!
  6. yeah sorry, its on facebook, can give it to you though if you want
  7. Farmerjumzz


    its good to be in the paddocks of my home
  8. Farmerjumzz

    WIP mods

    mmy mods that are a WIP
  9. i think a lot of the WORLD has been looking for an american case ih magnum of this type.
  10. i have to say...it is a pretty AWESOME mod, i love it
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