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  1. Animatrix3ra

    fS17_John Deere 7760

    Thanks jdunn1019. Will be a well used mod on my farm
  2. Animatrix3ra

    Bourgault Air Drill

    how do you add all fruits to the Bourgault seed drill so it sows every crop in game?
  3. Animatrix3ra

    Morris air seeder

    you bet. Would love to see some big air drills in the game other than the ones off the DLC
  4. Animatrix3ra

    small square baler with thrower

    I have the Welger small baler with chute and wagon. I was wondering what I would have to do if I wanted to change out the bale chute to a thrower. I have tried once and got it in game but the baler door wouldn't open and the trailer wouldn't connect to the hitch. The thrower comes off the John Deere 348 from FS 2013 and I have had trouble converting the JD baler itself. Thanks in advance
  5. Animatrix3ra


    sunflower harvest
  6. Animatrix3ra


  7. Animatrix3ra


    bringing a new purchase home from the dealer
  8. Animatrix3ra

    FS15_American farms

  9. Animatrix3ra

    fsScreen 2016 03 20 21 25 50

    slick looking harvester
  10. Animatrix3ra

    fsScreen 2016 04 18 19 57 48

    Great setup. Nothing runs like a Deere
  11. Animatrix3ra

    Nothing runs like a Deere!!!!!

    testing out some John Deere mods
  12. Animatrix3ra

    20160408143514 1

    compacting silage in the morning sun
  13. Animatrix3ra

    Green Power

    planting wheat with the JD air seeder and JD 9560 RT under sunny skies
  14. Animatrix3ra

    fsScreen 2015 12 12 17 08 41

    beautiful aerial shot.
  15. Animatrix3ra

    FS15_American farms

    yes. I am When I dump seed into the storage, it seems it goes in as lime/fertilizer. I can't get seed from there with a wagon or seeder.

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