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  1. hey is there any way you could add building matterials to mills county

    1. Papa Smurf Modding

      Papa Smurf Modding

      thats to much work and may conflick try and use the placeable ones first and see if they well work with map

  2. Version 2.0.1


    FS17_MillsCounty all is still the same all i did was added cotton corner sell point for the cotton balls the sell point is down the street from the dealer ship
  3. Version 1.2.0


    this is a john deere pack of old iron 1214 i have tested fully working great i do not clam this as my mod i just have tested and fixed any errors thats all FS17_JD20series2wd FS17_JD30series2wd FS17_JD40series2wd FS17_JD50_55series2wd FS17_JD50_55seriesFWA FS17_JD4320 FS17_JD4630 FS17_JD4640 FS17_JD4840 FS17_JD6030 FS17_JDseries2wd FS17_JDseries60FWA FS17_JDseriesFWA
  4. Version 0.0.0


    this is the update of the cotton bale wilson drop deck hd bales well load and also as for everything else is all tested and working great
  5. i have just 3 hours of testing on this and use the corn header one works just fine
  6. Version 3.0.0


    RIver Pine Acres is a fictional area that consist of the following: 20 Fields (Sizes ranging from 1.5ha to 10.2ha) 3 Farms (2 Main Farms, 1 Animal Farm) Orchards (Apple, Orange, Plum, Pear, Cherry) Greenhouses (Tomato, Strawberry, Cabbage, Lettuce, Raspberry, Cauliflower) Forest Areas (2 Main Forest will tons of trees) BGA 19 Sell Points Standard Crops Plus Rye, Oat, Millet, Spelt, Triticale, COTTON (All used in Production) Season Mod Ready with Snow mask Mud Mod installed COOP Storage Facility for all of your goods Production of Products such as: Washed Potatoes, Meat, Sausage, Sugar, Molasses, Compost, Flavored Vodka, Pallets, Woodchips, Moonshine, Pig Food, TMR, Birdseed, Seed, Liquid Fertilizer, Flour, Fertilizer, Salad, Cooking Oil, Frech Fries, Potato Chips, Sacked Potatoes, Fuel, Cake, Bread, Boards, Barrels, Yogurt, Cheese, Butter, Sourcream, and Woodboxes No field missions and no gold coin challenge on this map. Sorry. Required Mods include: Kotte Universal Pack (Found at Marhu.net) Kastor Trailers (Found at Marhu.net) Stop Milk Sales (Found at Marhu.net) WHAT IS NEW THERE IS COTTON ON THE MAP THERE IS A LEVI CLOTHING FACTORY COTTON CORNER TO SELL COTTON BALES THERE IS A GOLD MINE NEW TEXTORS ALL AROUND THE MAP NEW WALMART SELL POINTS THERE IS STORAGE FOR ALL BALES AND COTTON BALES AT THE ANIMALES FARM I HAVE INCLUED THE COTTON BALE STEP DECK IN THE ZIP FOLDER YOU WELL HAVE TO UNZIP THE FILE AND PLACE THE 2 ZIP FILES IN YOUR MODS FOLDER ALSO LIKE TO GIVE A VERY BIG THANK YOU FOR MY TESTERS DOUG MILLS CHRIS OXENRIDER PAPA SMURF MODDING PRICELESS MODDING THE MAP HAS BEEN TESTED BUT WAS NOT TESTED FOR SEASONS SORRY BUT I AM A PERSON FOR NOT PLAYING SEASON
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Here is my The Canadian Frontier map. A special thanks goes out to my map testers as well as to Maverick Modding, and Papa Smurf Modding; for helping me get the factories working. All of you guys are legends. There are so many others I give credit to and for that, I needed to make a credits list, included in the mod pack. Map and All mods go into your mods folder. Happy farming. This will likely be my last map for FS 17. now for some info: what size of map is this? This is a 4X map are there extra crops?: yes are there production mods on here?: yes. Board and Pallet factories in the forest. McCain's, Dole, and Lays in the food industry area next to Tim Hortons in town. All factories make chaff as a biproduct what animals are included?: pigs, sheep, and cows. I didn't add in the chickens How many fields?: There's a total of 20 fields. All sizes Are there other silos around the map to store crops? yes there are. One up at the horse farm (top left), main farm, and pig farm. Note there are silos at the BGA facility to store chaff and grass and one at the forest area for woodchips. There is also a silo at the warehouse in town beside Wal-Mart for potatoes, lettuce, onion, and carrot starting fleet?: yes. You start out by making silage. Other: You can refill your fert spreaders and seed drills at the main farm as well at Cargill and Dekalb. The map will take some time to load depending on your PC.
  8. Version 2.0.0


    Credits for US Prairies V2 map by BK Nation error free Based on the US Midwest area, US Prairies offers mostly flat farm land with medium to large fields. Has the main animals and crops with the addition of oat, rye, cotton, cranberry, rice,and sorghum. There is no forestry there is a lot of place for place able factory's if you wish to have them soybean texture: Eribus various prefab objects: Giants Software static horses and dogs: Luculus 50X90 barn: CBJ Midwest Modding 72X150 barn: CBJ Midwest Modding 120X110 Freestall Barn: CBJ Midwest Modding Farm Silo System: Stevie Harveststore Silo (prefab): Seriousmods Mixing Stations: Marhu, kevink98, Kastor Pole Barn: CBJ Midwest Modding dairy: Giants Software Dekalb Seed Company: MBJ Livestock Sales Barn: CBJ Midwest Modding milk truck: Giants Software 56X80 Shed: CBJ Midwest Modding Cargill Fert Tanks: RAND0Msparks Meridian Seed Tanks: Itisntworking seed and fert Triggers: David Brown storage silo: Art Mechanic Modding milk factory: Marhu, kevink98 BGA silo: kingkalle- Team LTW A special thank you goes out to all my helpers and testers. Without them, this map wouldn't have gotten done.
  9. kenworth FS15 converted to FS17 WIP well be releaseing soon creadits EAGLE355TH and Papa Smurf Modding
  10. kenworth FS15 converted to FS17 WIP well be releaseing soon creadits EAGLE355TH and Papa Smurf Modding
  11. kenworth FS15 converted to FS17 WIP well be releaseing soon creadits EAGLE355TH and Papa Smurf Modding
  12. kenworth FS15 converted to FS17 WIP well be releaseing soon creadits EAGLE355TH and Papa Smurf Modding
  13. kenworth FS15 converted to FS17 WIP well be releaseing soon creadits EAGLE355TH and Papa Smurf Modding
  14. kenworth FS15 converted to FS17 WIP well be releaseing soon creadits EAGLE355TH and Papa Smurf Modding
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