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  1. Clasalle06

    FS17_Southern Parish

    It was brought to my attention I did not place a sell/return trigger. In the time being all you have to do is return or sell items from your garage menu. I will place a sell/return/repair trigger at the shop
  2. Clasalle06

    FS17_Southern Parish

    No, map can be played with modded sugarcane equipment
  3. Clasalle06

    FS17_Southern Parish

    New save game is not required.
  4. Clasalle06

    FS17_Southern Parish

    Version 4.0


    Welcome to Southern Parish. Map includes: Multi-fruit (millet, rye, oats, cotton, sugarcane & rice) No pig or sheep just cows. Mulit Terrain Angles Map has custom geo built in if you play with seasons Chopped Straw Water Trough mod
  5. Clasalle06

    Southern Parish


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