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  1. Has this one been changed so you don't go 50m before the grain tank is full?
  2. is there a header available to suit this?
  3. The tires are a bit wonky for me, almost move in an egg shape. Apart from that perfect!
  4. Did you reduce the towndecograss bier distance?
  5. Does the train have any function other than to drive around?
  6. Thanks for the update! Any ideas on why the arm folds out on mine when I load the savegame?
  7. How can I speed up the lowering time? takes a long after lowering the machine before it starts to work.
  8. Ciggy001

    FS17 UMRV V2.1

    Great map! Huge improvements from the version before well done! Is the multi terrain angle mod a possible addition in future updates? Thanks for sharing your work!
  9. I just thought that as a crumbler/soil conditioner, a sprayer function may better represent its purpose.
  10. Thanks for converting. Could we perhaps get it as a sprayer function in the future?
  11. Is it possible to slow down the unload speed? Fills the seedhawk in seconds lol
  12. Version 1.1.0


    Not sure where I downloaded this from but I have done some minor editing to this and thought I'd share. I have edited; Lighting (now 360' and with longer range) and removed the lighting effects Gearbox mod added to .xml Adjusted to track spacing to make them look as they should Added a "9560RT Powerchip" to the available engines so you can use it to pull the seed hawk etc in the new mod pack Credits: Model: Rafazr/LindbejbTexture: Rafazr/KMN ModdingScript: Razazr/Lindbejb/KMN ModdingIdea / Concept: Rafazr/LindbejbTesting: Rafazr/Lindbejb/KMN Modding I've used this tractor for ages and had no issues. Thanks guys, first upload so please give me any feedback. I have other mods I have edited and might upload them too if it goes well.
  13. Sprayers stay on well for me...though when I fill the spray tank up the truck revs at 2000 all the time, not sure why!
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