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Welcome To Fsasmc Website Please Visit the Forum and The Download section If you want to Upload mods Go to the CREATE + tab  if you have any question PM ME Thanks 


    By jdunn1019,

    Finally its here at 5pm est time i will be listing the 3 winner, Everyone that bought a ticket or more then one thanks you soo much .... and I will be live streaming about 5:00 @ http://twitch.tv/jdunn1019


    Next month we are offering free raffle for American truck sim ... I know its not farming but I know everyone want it ... its free to get a ticket but if u are willing to donate please do it will help with the website and the paying for the game for the winner!



    I want to give a big Thanks to a few dontater that help us keep this site the way it is


    captin75 $130
    papaneale $65.00
    Schriefer Farms $50.00


    everyone else that donate thanks again

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    Facebook Page

    By jdunn1019,

    Hey guys we do have a Facebook page Come check it out.


    Please Check out the download Section and Forum with support enter the raffles

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    Raffles System

    By jdunn1019,

    We have Setup the Raffles System we going to be giving away Your Choice of a DLC!! the raffle are $5 .... if this turn out Great! we will give away a steering wheel!


    Here http://fsasmc.com/index.php?/raffles/

    More Info on the Raffle Contact me at jdunn1019@gmail.com

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    Teamspeak & Info

    By jdunn1019,

    Just want let everyone know we do have teamspeak and if you have any problems with the website you can come on TS




    email me at jdunn1019@gmail.com and thanks for visit the site thanks all

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    Downloads Tab / Vip Section

    By trev43545,

    With the work that was put in online by both Josh and the other moderators, the download section is now back operational and site registration is now available as well.


    The VIP Club is now available to join, with a donation of $5.00 will grant you 30 Days VIP Membership, also a donation greater than $50.00 will grant you a permanent VIP Club Member. Becoming a VIP Member will grant you; extra modding help videos, ability to advertise live streams on the website, and much more!

    Be sure to take advantage of this special offer!!

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    Welcome To The New Asm Page

    By trev43545,

    Welcome to American Style Modding (ASM), we are currently undergoing a complete transformation including; a new owner, new host server, new moderators, and a overall better experience.


    Please be patient while we do some mighty overhauls and we promise to restore the website to a better state than it was before, but this takes time. Thank you for visiting and we will have the website up and fully operational here soon.

    Please if anyone has any issues or complaints please forward them to one of our moderators. A problem will get solved much quicker if directed to a moderator than placed on a random forum post or picture.


    Thank you for your Support!

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    By jdunn1019,

    VIP section on the forums is open


    Only for members that donate to ASM
    Donating minimum of 5 $ will get you VIP for 30 days


    We will continue to add more Videos, Script language break downs and other help


    So far we have a combine conversion and a tractor conversion and some other odds and end help and will continue to expand this to include trailers, trucks, sprayers and more


    If we have enough participants we will do give a ways and contests
    Its totally up to the community


    Any ideas to help improve this VIP section leave us a comment

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    New Feature Donation

    By jdunn1019,

    Want to Donate to ASM
    Click the donation button on the left side

    Just want to say thank you just send us a PM


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    By jdunn1019,

    Welcome to ASM hope yall enjoy the site. We have revamped this page with more ddos protection and a faster host.
    Forums and Gallery are working, take some time to check things out.

    Donation area now working

    New Chatroom Feature


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    Discord Server
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