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  • FS17 Mandako LR45 By Erevos

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    • 788
    • 0
    Here is the fixed version of the rollers that were released yesterday.   These rollers are scripted as sprayers.  Therefore, they need to be turned on and such.  I did keep one thing from the versions that were released and that is the dust from using them, I figured if I can try keep something from that version even if people dont think it is correct.   Thanks for all the comments and feedback, as I did not know how I should script them considering they do do alot of different things all at once.
  • Great Plains Soil Conditioner By Erevos

    Here is the much asked for conversion on Lindbejb (LBJ Modding) Soil Conditioner.   It is registered as a weeder and barely changes the ground color other than that it does the same thing as the other in game weeders.   New things may come with more version I just wanted to get this out so that way people had choices.
  • MM_FS17_JDDB120 By Erevos

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    • 4,684
    • 8
    Here is my very much delayed edit of Joes DB120.  My original plan was to release it on Veterans Day, however that plan got delayed because I didn't feel right not trying to fix the issue of it spawning in the ground.   Where to start on what is new: First there is now a buyable wheels option for either STANDARD TIRES or CRAWLER TRACKS WITH SKIDSTEER TIRES. Next you can now plant all types of crops except the obvious ground crops (i.e. sugar beets, potatoes, and sugarcane). Now there are new lights to view the wings with. Finally there is a new hitch on the front, instead of just an empty space.   Now for the best part, with the testing that I have done it no longer spawns in the ground.
  • FS_17 OklahomaRevised By regularguy

    • 9,267
    • 30
    Today i present the oklahoma map fs15 to fs17. All shaders have been upated. added multifruit to the map and alot od sell points around the map. there is also a forestry areas around the map. verious sell points for wood and wood chips. pda has been updated. i have kept it as maeircan style as possible but with a few ingame things that are scattered around. this is v1 so might be a error or two but i have done well with keeping errors out of the log.All animals present at the new main farm with a greenhouse potato washer potato steamer storage and mixing stations for the animals.there is also butter production soymilk production and budweiser production. milk can be collected from the cows and sold at the debalk buidling and liquid manure. trains run between sell points. the second train can sell at the wood trigger and the end of the map. good starting vehicles are avaible to start production right away.Everything will be added in the unzip me folder to be added to your mods for everything to work properly.Have fun and any feed back is welcome to improve the map 
  • MM_FS17_JDDB60 By Erevos

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    • 1,733
    • 17
    Here it is guys finally finished fixing Joe's DB60.  It has a working back hitch. and work area effects now.   I do recommend the Drive Control mod if you are going to use it on hilly maps (ie. URMV, and No Creek).  I have experienced along with the DB120 it bottoming out when going over the bumps,  I have raised this one up a little bit more than the original and it still is only inches off the ground on the front, but I feel if I go anymore there will be parts of the textures that are going to look crappy.   However enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving, Midnite Modding
  • FS17 International Transtar II By Joe Coan

    • 2,198
    • 13
    First try at converting. This was my favorite truck to use in fs 15; Everything seems to work alright. Enjoy IH Transtar II Semi: 
    - Power 500 hp 
    - Speed 91 km/h 
    - Selectable Design 
    - Choice of Color 
    - Washable 

    IH Transtar II Grain: 
    - Power 500 hp 
    - Speed 91 km/h 
    - Capacity 28368 liters 
    - Selectable Design 
    - Choice of Color 
    - Washable 


    arlen6, BlackAce, westmorgan, 4T Modding
  • FS17 Case MacDon By Jell34

    • 481
    • 0
    case texurted Macdon from fs13 then 15 just like the D60 but case texture.
  • MM_FS17_Wilson_Livestock_Trailer By Erevos

    • 0 reviews
    • 2,198
    • 3
    Here is my most current conversion/incorporation to FS17.   The Wilson Livestock Semi Trailer.   All the lights we redone and updated to the FS17 lights. It has double capacity of the animals (I.E. pigs, sheep, and cows). The animals do show up on both decks of the trailer.
  • Now MidWestUSA formally known as FS17_Wisconsin Illinois Border map By regularguy

    • 7,328
    • 35
    Today i present the MidWestUSA. Any errors reported will be fixed in the final version. Here you have all the animals big fields and open areas to add your own personal buildings etc. There are enough sell points around the map.Milk can be collected from the cows and sold by the Decalb Sell point. Seed and fertilizer can be refilled on varieties on the map as well. Final version will be the only one for the two states of what they grow. There are a few forestry areas and 2 sellpoints for them. Has traffic and pedestrians as well as fish in the ponds ducks and birds flying above this is compatiable with the seasons mod. All feeding areas and straw grass silage tmr are all marked as well as the animal dialogues. Fields range from small to big and some are flat and some are hilly on parts. There is a little bit of everything. There is a beer production
  • MM_FS17_JD_HX15 By Erevos

    • 0 reviews
    • 1,761
    • 2
    This is just a re-upload of the Mower I converted over.

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