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FS19 PMC North Dakota Greendale 4km 1.0.0

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About This File

PMC North Dakota Greendale 4km

Terrain size: 4096 meters x 4096 meters, ie 4 kilometers x 4 kilometers (ravenport is 2km). Terrain type: American, real world data.

It was february 2019 when we started to learn how to do FS19 real world data terrains and many things were discovered during editing this terrain. This will always be a fond memory and hopefully we get to play a lot in this one over the years. In 2020-09-04 finished savegame (buy all land and harvest all fields) in PMC North Dakota Greendale 4km :)

Its strange how small this 4km x 4km terrain feels like when its laid out on top of real world location, this only fits one single farm and thats it. Not sure how enjoyable multiplayer can be achieved here as players would have to create make-belief farms somewhere, maybe even on fields because the real estate is on short supply with everything being fields.

PMC North Dakota Greendale 4km is our only small real world data terrain, all the rest are 8.1km or 16.3km size.

PMC North Dakota Greendale 4km terrain is work in progress (WIP), it is not finished yet. PMC is continuing to develop it, edit it along with our other terrains.

PMC North Dakota Greendale 4km terrain has basic buildings, utility poles and trees placed. Basic object placement is complete, more tweaks follow after game-play testing has produced results.

If you do not want to play on WIP terrain please do not download this, there are plenty of other terrains available.

Plenty of youtube PMC North Dakota Greendale 4km development videos available.

Required Mods

CBJ Midwest Buildings Pack is used for various farm yards for that authentic American farming look.

Downloads: FS19_PlaceableCBJbuildings.zip

Terrain config has no checks if required mods are present, if you do not start FS19 with these mods active you will not see some buildings, with additional errors in the log. PMC terrains are error free, as long as player uses required mods.


Check for latest updates and more info https://www.farming-simulator.org/19/pmc-north-dakota-greendale-4km.php


problem log!

error free.

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