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FS17_John Deere 7180

3 Screenshots

About This File

Here's the good old 7180 (New 7980) Forage Harvester (chopper)

So I got the newer Heads to work with it, they are in the file (I think)


Added Starfire

Wider Tires

Rear Weights

And Cummins straight pipe sound file that works great with gearbox mod when you can crank up the RPM's......



What's New in Version


had Missing xml In the log Fixed that Log is now Clear NO error working as it should now ... 

Thanks sharing this mod with us

this version is Differnet then Nornall one if u download it from somewhere else ... 


This is version 2 It is more matched with the 7980 ProDrive with the N14 Cummins we made the body wider and the spout longer to better match the real deal and it is stickered and horsepowered the same we just didnt take the time to change the 7180 on all the files but the machine is the 7980.....

Also added full Animation coming out of the spout.....

hope you all enjoy...... 


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8 hours ago, jacobhonrud said:

when i use the header does not hook up right and the header comes into the cab

you need to make sure your using the headers that came with this file they are the only ones that work if you have the other JD 8000 series Harvesters in your mods folder you will be able to purchase those in the store and they will do what you are describing so you need to find out which is which.......

its a pain I know SORRY.......

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