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Finally its here at 5pm est time i will be listing the 3 winner, Everyone that bought a ticket or more then one thanks you soo much .... and I will be live streaming about 5:00 @ http://twitch.tv/jdunn1019


Next month we are offering free raffle for American truck sim ... I know its not farming but I know everyone want it ... its free to get a ticket but if u are willing to donate please do it will help with the website and the paying for the game for the winner!



I want to give a big Thanks to a few dontater that help us keep this site the way it is


captin75 $130
papaneale $65.00
Schriefer Farms $50.00


everyone else that donate thanks again

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    1. 1. Should i Finish the map in FS19 or Move over to Fs22 right away...

      • Yes move it to FS22
      • No Finish FS19 Version
      • Finish FS19 Version then Convert it over to FS22

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