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Counting down until FS22 Coming out!!!! 


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    Hey I'm interested in modding and farming. I play fs17 with my friends and what we do is logging and sometimes farming on Lincoln creek.

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  1. MACS ARE NOT GAMING COMPUTERS thats why they turn white get a hp Lenovo or dell or any other gaming computer other than a Mac
  2. could u make the new challenger mt700 and the new challenger c series sprayers and the 2006 challenger mt900 series and the 2008 series challenger mt800. You know what basically every challenger tractor made from 1990-present even combines and tools
  3. not to sure play on low graphics or its a mod conflict
  4. where u get that cat tractor at josh
  5. did u unzip the file and the mods should be in there
  6. thank you could I add this to my tractor pack
  7. I am working on that but this is cameon king and I`s first truck we built with a different body so I don't know what to tell u man
  8. yes these are the real deal of the mods in the pack check out my mods I've uploaded on my profile
  9. Version


    This is a new holland H8060 Swather with a durabine grass head Enjoy this mod and tell me in the comments if u like it or if there are any problems and it works for Mac as well
  10. Version 1.0.0


    This is a 2018 Ford F350 SRW with a goose neck hitch. it has beautiful real sounds from the truck in real life hope you guys like it ENJOY!!!! if u guys like it and want to see anymore from me put them down in the comments
  11. Version 1.0.0


    This Tractor Pack has The 6R Series,7R Series,8RT Series,8R,9r,9RT,and other tractors
  12. Version


    this is a nice dodge 2500 saw with a gooseneck hitch and has a cummins 6.7l turbo diesel
  13. I want it too it has nice rims and tires
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