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    • jdunn1019

      ADDS FILES!!   05/28/2017

      soo in the nav bar +CREATE THEN FILE DOWNLOAD AND PICK A category and add the file and a pictues and then info and hit save/submit and i will have to approve it
    • jdunn1019

      Donate   06/25/2017

      We Didn't  hit the goal or half goal 5 or 10 dollars will help the server is due on the 27th,  i need some donate to pay for the server little help is nice or there wont be NO Website !  i pay 150 dollars  Thanks 


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  1. cotton on GWF V2SE

    Not yet! i wish i knew
  2. Where do you buy cows at on the clover Creek map, I can’t seem to find it. And how do you make the 1590 grain drill accept liquid fertilizer for the tank mod?

    1. jdunn1019


      well u need to comment below the maps and someone chat back i am not sure where they are because i hadnty play that map and i am not sure if its accpet liquid or not


  3. KP 525 3pt

    in the xml code of the tractor there a upper and lower to the ground Number Play around with that 2 number and u will fixed it
  4. fS17_John Deere 7760

    i didnt test that part but i test it with a wheel loader pick up and it lift the backend of it soo if u change the weight its going to mess up things in the combine baler itself
  5. {ENG} Lets hit some cars !!1 Join and Watch... streaming with https://t.co/C6d1Vgrmyf

  6. fS17_John Deere 7760

    i have no idea about MAC if it dont work check ur log and see what happen there i really dont know what to tell u im sorry
  7. fS17_John Deere 7760

    im in the making of a module builder truck but ual idk how to do that lol
  8. fS17_John Deere 7760

    update your game? its setup for Desc 38
  9. fS17_John Deere 7760

    csz pack
  10. fS17_John Deere 7760

    Its not the header its the Map its not setup for the header soo u have to edit the modec read the Decs in the mod!! Note: the header act like a maizeHeader soo if you map want a wheat header its wrong ... it wont work Note: The header need to be under maizeHeader in the modDesc.xml Find AdditionalMapTypes Find cotton Find fruitTypeGroups If it say grainheader U need to change it to maizeHeader
  11. fS17_John Deere 7760

    WIP American Farms 5.0 its a WIP and be Public when i get it finish
  12. fS17_John Deere 7760

    Do they have cotton in the map?
  13. fS17_John Deere 7760

    Big tony map is on modland.net Its by winton and Midwest USA .... as i know
  14. fS17_John Deere 7760



    Here is the JD7760 It make cotton round baler 8000L bales Must have Cotton in the map without windrow... Credit: Model: FSASMC Scripting FSI Modding/ Fsasmc(Josh) Testing Chrisballgaming Testing Jell34 Testing Winston Thanks For everyone help... and please If there a problem with this mod please Report to @jdunn1019

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