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  1. jdunn1019


    where ever the maper added it im sorry if there not one on there but it should be in a map... there a placeable somewhere
  2. jdunn1019


    im sure there is but unknow where it is maybe in a facebook group
  3. jdunn1019

    Meridian silo with auger

    its a mod Called UniversalProcessKit
  4. jdunn1019


    at the bale shed ?
  5. jdunn1019

    Case mx230

    @longbedted Did u read the Info... @Papa Smurf Modding Fix the errors for everyone u should be thanks him
  6. jdunn1019

    Tractor is white

    What does ur log say and what mod is it?
  7. jdunn1019

    Tractor is white

    are you On a Mac
  8. jdunn1019


    then learn bender and make it better then if not then at least u have a mod like this one!
  9. jdunn1019

    Rims way to shiny

    it might have a cubemap picture u have to remove it in GE
  10. jdunn1019

    GMC K3500

    remember this is a FS15 not FS17
  11. jdunn1019


    did u try both header?
  12. jdunn1019

    FS17_John Deere Stack Fold

    u need to add cotton to it then
  13. jdunn1019

    FS17_John Deere Stack Fold

    All the seeder. Should work ingame too
  14. We are LIVE with Farming sim 2017 Working IN GE and playing the game !!! Come and watch !! ... @fsasmc… https://t.co/tNIL1taSO2

  15. jdunn1019

    fS17_John Deere 7760

    the module is wiP and trailer is wip too and Cotton bales go to the Bales Barn where u sell ur Squre bales or Round Straw or Grass BALES >>>

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