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  1. jdunn1019

    FS19_Placeable Grain Bins Setup

    @MILO VALLEY FARMS i Updated the file to mp but i didnt test it out please do so and let me know thanks
  2. jdunn1019

    FS19_Log Trailer

    Version 1.0.0


    Fs19 Log Trailers No autoload! next version
  3. jdunn1019


    Version 4.0.0


    What’s Included? A series of video tutorials which will help you to get started with modding or Farming Simulator 19. Table of contents: Installing the GIANTS Edito Basic functions of the GIANTS Editor Terrain editing Creating fields Adding objects Creating farmlands Creating the starting farm0 Adding the shop Setting up missions Adding AI traffic Adding sounds
  4. jdunn1019


    Version 1.0.0


    GEA Houle Manure tanks with folding ramps - Capacity: 4000, 6100 and 7900 gal. - Folding ramps - Old style or New stickers option - Directionnal wheels Original credits: Fraser Cow Bronkema Seriousmods Modeling for the folding ramps: Team P.A.C. Modding Converting and scripting for FS19: Appalaches Modding
  5. jdunn1019

    Cotton Module truck ingame :-)

    there will be another axis on there what i did is delete the axis and i will double it in GE better for the model in Blender
  6. jdunn1019

    FS19_JD Pack USA

    its ok its just a warning not going to mess up ur game its tell u its got 3of 2 compoents
  7. jdunn1019

    FS19_JOHN DEERE S700

    Version 1.0.0


    – Configurations 780 and 790 – More customizations options – Remodel to american version – Tires: Firestone/Goodyear LSW – New wheels and textures
  8. jdunn1019


    Version 1.0.0


    Features - 2 separate Trailers - 4 separate Fillvolumes - Colorable Body - Colorable Cover - Connecting Hoses - Total Capacity 80.568
  9. jdunn1019


    Version 1.0.0


    This a Addon for Blender for FS19
  10. jdunn1019

    dedicated Server for FS19

    Join Discord or Teamspeak and I should be online soon 5pm Est time when i get home from work
  11. jdunn1019

    FS19_Placeable Grain Bins Setup

    Version 2.0.0


    Placeable Grain Bins for FS19 and for grain storage only
  12. jdunn1019

    dedicated Server for FS19

    I have a Dedicated server For fs19 its 16 slots U need a TEAMSPEAK AND MIC Contact me ASAP SETUP EVERYTHING.... Ts.fsasmc.com:9988
  13. jdunn1019


    the upper pallet just do little boards and the saw mill in the forest area is where u get the board from and take to little board its works i been testing this map out for a while now
  14. jdunn1019


    that where the board pattel goes ... not logs
  15. jdunn1019


    its the sawmill and its where the logs are and then u have to do woodchips for fuel that is right sorry... then u have to take the board to a another factory by the bga and its plywood and then take the plywood to the pattel place on the top of the map

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