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  1. FS17_Case Magnum

    The Ripper is Rafazr's Case Ecolo Tiger 870 from FS15. I just converted it to FS17. Yeah, I think I will redo the ingame Case tractors. Already loaded the Optum into blender and started to separating parts Which old magnums do you mean?
  2. FS17_Case Magnum

    Version 1.0.0


    Hey guys, since I already uploaded the Case Steiger/Quadtrac, I thought there's some smaller CaseIH models needed. So here it is: the edited ingame CaseIH Magnum. It hast customizable wheels, exterior, engine. You can use it in European oder US Style. Credits: Model: Giants Wheels: Timber1311 (FS15 Conversion) & TechMod a.s. Have fun and enjoy
  3. FS17_CaseIH Steiger

    Thanks a lot for the feedback. If I find some time, I will check out the US Quadtrac version and might add some other customizable features on the tractor
  4. FS17_CaseIH Steiger

    Version 1.0.2


    I was always missing a nice CaseIH Steiger Version for FS17, so I decided to do some edits on the ingame Quadtrac. The tractor is vanilla scripted, so nothing fancy like IC Control (might add that on a later version). It is fully customizable, with different wheel, engine and other options. All credits on this go to - Giants for the model - Rafazr & Linbejb Modding (Uses their wheels of the FS15 CaseIH Steiger 470 tractor and some other parts) - Dominator Modding (tractor uses his texture) Tractor is error free so far. If you find any error, please let me know so I can fix it. Have fun and enjoy
  5. FS17_John Deere 9R Pack

    My bad, I should've called the new pack v5.0.4. or whatever I called it Won't forget about that next time Thank you!
  6. FS17_John Deere 9R Pack

    That's an isseu with the attacher in the discs XML I think (lowerRotLimit). I edited the Kuhn Kraus so I do not have this problem anymore Mine looks like this: <attacherJoints> <attacherJoint index="0>0|0|11" jointType="trailerLow" allowsJointLimitMovement="false" allowsLowering="false" lowerRotLimit="20 90 90" lowerTransLimit="0 0 0" > <schema position="1 0" rotation="0" invertX="false" /> </attacherJoint> <attacherJoint index="0>0|0|11" jointType="trailer" allowsJointLimitMovement="false" allowsLowering="false" lowerRotLimit="20 90 90" lowerTransLimit="0 0 0" > <schema position="1 0" rotation="0" invertX="false" /> </attacherJoint> </attacherJoints> you gotta make sure the attacher joint index is correct.
  7. FS17_John Deere 9R Pack

    You mean the blades? Well the tractor has more than one front attacher, so you can attach the weight or the blade. Will try to find a solution for a later version
  8. FS17_John Deere 9R Pack

    my bad indeed there is
  9. FS17_John Deere 9R Pack

    JD 2623 Pack by LBJ Modding, it's uploaded on modhoster. The GreatPlains is uploaded on this site (Check MM Mods).
  10. FS17_John Deere 9R Pack

    Version Final Version No. 2


    This is an Edit of KMN's John Deere 9R & 9RX V1. Because the original File is 135mb big (high poly mod & big texture files) I shrinked everything down to around 30 mb. I also added an attachable Front Weight and a Pitbull Blade & Degelman Blade for silage work. The Tractor is basically standard scripted. It has now IC Control though. The Pack contains: -John Deere 9R Final Version 2 -John Deere 9RX Final Version 2 -Degelman Silage Blade -Pitbull Silage Blade -Attachable Front Weight Have fun and enjoy
  11. John Deere 9R Pack

    Version 1.0.0


    Hello everyone, since KMN released his version 1.0 beta of the 9R with a file size of 135 mb I thought I'd decrease the file size. This Edit isn't the high detail one from KMN but it contains parts of both Rafael's and KMN Modding's version of the 9R. There is also an attache FrontWeight and attachle Demcotank. If you want to attach both of these, you have to attach the Demco first. Have fun!

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